NEWS BRIEF: New startup delivers zero-waste essentials to households

Sustainable, convenient deliveries planned

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Photo credit: Courtesy The Rounds
The Rounds Founders University of Georgia alum Alexander Torrey and Byungwoo Ko

A retail startup designed to be a viable alternative to Amazon is being launched in Atlanta this week. Founded by University of Georgia alum Alexander Torrey and partner Byungwoo Ko, The Rounds delivers basic staples to consumers without using wasteful packaging, and then picks up the empty containers in order to clean and refill them.

“The way we get everyday essentials in cities is not sustainable,” Torrey said in a press release. “Consumers prioritize convenience and have turned to online ordering for everything, which generates tons of excess packaging and waste…leading to more packaging waste ending up in landfills, rivers, and oceans.” Individual membership in The Rounds eliminates 50 pounds of single-use plastic and cardboard waste every year, the company states on its website.