NEWS BRIEF: Civic event aims to ‘explore what you stand for’

Atlanta History Center looks at ‘two momentous dates in American history’

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Photo credit: Atlanta History Center
Atlanta History Center will Open Juneteenth and July 4th Exhibit on June 12

Why do we celebrate the Fourth of July when Black Americans were enslaved, women could not vote and our country was massacring Native Americans? Those are questions being raised by the second annual Civic Season, taking place at hundreds of cultural and civic institutions across the country between Juneteenth and July 4 under the slogan “Explore What You Stand For.”

The Atlanta History Center's Midtown location will host the local version of Civic Season on Sunday, June 12 from 2 to 7 p.m. with participation from New Georgia Project, Pizza to the Polls, Civil Bikes, Andrew Goodman Foundation, Civics Georgia and The People’s Uprising, a press release stated.

“Anchored by Juneteenth and July 4th, Civic Season invites us all to consider how these two momentous dates in American history relate,” says Sheffield Hale, CEO of the Atlanta History Center. “Democracy is fragile. We look forward to engaging our community in historically informed conversations around the meaning and practice of democracy… (and) we hope to encourage young Atlantans to get involved and help build a better future.” thecivicseason.com