NEWS BRIEF: Activists allege mistreatment of horses at Atlanta facility

‘Poor treatment’ vs. ‘fat and nice’

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Photo credit: CL FILE
Horses allegedly abused at carriage riding firm

A popular horse and carriage riding firm in Atlanta is under fire for poor treatment of its animals, according to reports. Julie Robertson of the Georgia Animal Rights and Protection group has been documenting conditions at All Around Carriages and says there are multiple violations occurring at the Tift Street facility. “I want people to know what conditions these horses are kept in,” said Robertson after sharing video clips that show horses in small, muddy enclosures with scant shelter from the rain. “They’re in this filthy, filthy ground. It causes bacteria in the hooves and causes abscesses — making it very painful,” she explained. “There is no code enforcement, and I think Atlanta City Council should consider banning carriage horses.”

In response, owner Timothy Phillips says his horses are “fat and nice,” adding, “You’ve got all the food and water out there.” He also claims to have passed several inspections by the Department of Agriculture and Atlanta Police. cbs46.com