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CL Issue August 5, 1972

Atlanta International Opens - Vol. 1 Number 9

The August 5th publication has the cover article "Dickey's Deliverance to Launch 5th International Film Festival," followed by other articles on International Visitors, the Georgia Primary, Katherine Ross, Jim Maxey, and other sections on classifieds, shows and ratings, bowling, sailing, and television movies and shows.


Dickey's Deliverance to Debut Launch 5th International Film Festival. Story here

Concert for Bangladesh - 3rd concert in Atlanta for Bangladeh will be held Sunday, August 5, Chastain Park from noon to midnight. It will feature Poco, Wet Willy, Hampton Grease Band, Fletcher, Radar, Lights by the Mabey, Brothers and Kaleidoscope. Tickets sold at Rejoice Restaurant (Atlanta Bazaar) 3340 Peachtree or at door for $3. All proceeds go to Project Hospital, Inc. 

The Jackson Five - Aug. 7 (Mon.) Sports Arena, 6 & 9:30pm 521-3616.

Ga. Mountain Fair - Hiawassee, 22nd annual on Aug. 4th thru 12th. Fair's theme is pioneer mountain life. In the Pioneer Village exhibits range from soap-making to a farm museum and mountain share; also a traveling carnival *A project of Hiawassee Lions Club & the Ga. Mth. Fair Assn.)

Primary Day, August 8th
US Congress (Democrat):

  • H.D. Dodson - photographer, 40
  • W. Wyche Fowler Jr. - attorney, 31
  • Howell Smith - Tax consultant, 56
  • Andrew Young - Hum. Relations, 40

US Senate (Democrat):

  • William Aynes, Decatur, Varied career and past 13 1/2 yrs. law practice - 43
  • Bill Burson, Atlanta, State treasurer, 43
  • Jack Dorsey, Decatur, Lawyer, 41
  • David Gambrell, Atlanta. Senator, 42
  • Austin Graham, Marietta. Union official Age 50
  • Thomas Irwin, Atlanta. Attorney 54
  • Wyman C. Lowe, Atlanta. Lawyer. 66
  • Sam Nunn, Perry. Farmer, lawyer. 33
  • Lloyd Russell, Atlanta. Newsman. 39
  • J.B. Stoner, Marietta. Lawyer 48
  • S. Ernest Vandiver, Lavonia. Attny. 54
  • Rev. Hosea Williams, Atlanta SCLC. 46


The full issue is available on GSU Archives here