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FROM: Our founder

TO: All 'The Loafers' past and present

Creative Loafing Copy
Photo credit: CL ARCHIVES
SIGN LANGUAGE: Members of the mid-'80s staff spell out 'Creative Loafing.'

What a fantastic job you have done to keep CL alive and kicking through these fifty years! And now the current masthead reflects those who put out this amazing issue, from the current staff to many names from the past.

Let’s give some perspective to the years between 1972 and 2022. I have always liked the phrase, “Gateway to the South,” when referring to Atlanta. It was first used in the early 1900’s and was challenged by other Southern cities. Then in 1965, Ted Turner – during his early billboard days – erected the famous “Atlanta Population Now” sign in front of the Darlington Apartments on Peachtree Road. On that sign, in 1973, the population was recorded at 1.5 million. Today, many stats estimate the current population at 6.2 million. Atlanta has never looked back — and there were no more Southern challenges to the word “gateway!”

There has always been speculation about what is so special about Atlanta. Is it the trees? The Hooch? I believe it is the Atlantans themselves. Folks from every state in the union and many communities from across the seas have made Atlanta home and contributed to its vibrancy. We’ve been on the sidelines watching.

Thank you, Ben and Tony and everyone who contributed to the 50th anniversary issue, for bringing the soul of the Loaf back for people to review. What has been so special about The Loaf? To me, it has always been the Loafers themselves who — to a person — have dearly loved their city. I believe Atlantans knew this all along. — Debby