THE VINYL WARHOL: Spring is sprung

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#0 Lead Photo Claude Monet Springtime
Photo credit: 'Springtime' by Claude Monet.
GESUNDHEIT!: Me, dying of allergies, but happy that winter is over. — MW

Hello folks! As winter turns into spring, people emerge form their holes, and Atlanta blossoms with live events. From reunions of long-separated bandmates to two-day hardcore punk festivals, there’s something for everyone in Atlanta this month. Do yourself a favor and get out and experience some of what this city has to offer.

Fri., Apr. 7


Together Again: Ryan Monroe and Josh Roberts rejoin forces after 20 years. Photo Credit: Ryan Monroe & Josh Roberts.

An Evening w/ Ryan Monroe (Band of Horses) + Josh Roberts, Eddie’s Attic — You know that warm feeling of nostalgia that hits you when you’re hanging out with a friend you haven’t seen in a while? I imagine this the feeling that will fill Eddie’s Attic the night Ryan Monroe and Josh Roberts reunite onstage. The member of Band of Horses and the frontman of Josh Roberts and The Hinges are back performing together after 20 years apart. Once bandmates in local Atlanta group Captain Easy, they separated tour up the world in their respective groups. Now, fans of any/all of the duo’s vast catalogs have a chance to see this one-of-a-kind reunion!
$27.19. Fri. Apr. 7, 9:00p.m., Eddie’s Attic, 515 B North McDonough St, Decatur, 30030 @eddiesattic


Thu., Apr. 20


Sunshine in a Shadow: Rae & The Ragdolls play a FREE show at Cabbagetown Park. Photo Credit: Jimmy Dodson (@jimmythecreative)

Rae & The Ragdolls w/Blair Crimmins & The Hookers and Chicken & Pigs, Cabbagetown Park— Rae & The Ragdolls are all the ingredients that make up the history of rock n’ roll combined in a nice stew. Psychedelia, funk rock, grunge, blues rock, and more all simmer in their songs like potatoes, carrots, and chunks of roast beef. Dumb ass metaphor aside, my favorite moments are when funk and disco shine through from the guitarists. Sometimes, a funk riff will be chugging along while front woman Rae G. Biv sings an emotional, sort of late-‘90s alternative vocal run. I’ve never heard the combination before, but it’s fascinating and works really well. The Atlanta locals also have a really good social media presence, so go follow them! And that recommendation is from someone who manages social media accounts for a living. 
$free. 6:00p.m., Cabbagetown Park, 701 Kirkwood Ave SE, Atlanta, 30316

Fri., Apr. 21


HEAVEN AT MASQUERADE: The Groove celebrates seven years as Atlanta’s best R&B party. Photo Credit: @thegrooveatl

The Groove R&B All Night: 7 Year Anniversary, Heaven at The Masquerade — For seven years now, The Groove has brought the history of R&B to a dance party. From classics like The Isley Brothers and Chaka Khan, to newcomers like SZA and Lucky Daye, enjoy this cookout ready setlist. No matter what decade the music is from, it will get the crowd at Heaven hot n’ sexy. Dress up and get down to this WERC event!
$20. Fri. Apr. 21, 10:00p.m., Heaven at The Masquerade, Kenny’s Alley at Underground Atlanta. Parking & Entrance at 75 MLK Jr Drive SW, Atlanta, 30303. Ride-share drop off: 92 Pryor Street SW, Atlanta, GA 30303. 404-577-8178.



AISLE 5: Groove, Laugh, and Have Your Mind Blow w/ Gus Glasser. Photo Credit: Gus Glasser

Gus Glasser, Aisle 5 — I’ve only heard lore of a Gus Glasser live show, but what I’ve heard has been nothing but glowing reviews. Legend has it, this multi-instrumentalist, beat maker, vocalist, and improvisationalist is something of a showman. Gus, along with with is seasoned band, create soundscapes for their audience to get lost in, stretching songs into 10-minute plus freeform jams. The songs themselves are soulful, groovy, and slick, borrowing from R&B, soul, disco, and Chance The Rapperesque, cheery hip hop.

Along with being immensely musically talented, Gus is also really, really funny. He often posts sketches to his social media of him with his gear improving on street. He’ll make songs  up on the spot, interact with strangers walking by, and just be his goofy, lovable self. We got the white Reggie Watts over here!.— Matthew Warhol
$17. Fri. Apr. 21, 8:30p.m., Aisle 5, 1123 Euclid Ave N.E. Atlanta, 30307 @aisle5_atl



April Friday Jazz Night, High Museum of Art — Hands down, jazz nights are the best way to experience the High Museum. I love museums. But, my biggest complaint about them is that visiting a museum is too similar to going to the library. On jazz night, however, The High is alive. People are drinking and laughing and clapping. Everyone gets dressed up. The main corridor is buzzing from the energy produced by world-class musicians giving their all. And you’re free to walk through the exhibits as usual, but even that feels electrified. Somehow, Atlanta’s biggest arts institution gets even more creative.
$25. Fri., Apr. 21, 6:00 p.m. High Museum of Art, 1280 Peachtree St. N.E., Atlanta, 30309 @highmuseumofart

Sat., Apr. 29 & Sun., Apr. 30


TERMINAL WEST: Playytime represents Atlanta at this two-day hardcore hullabaloo. Photo Credit: Christopher Young (

House Of Disorder, Terminal West — House Of Disorder is a celebration of all things hardcore punk, organized by Atlanta record store Disorder Records. 20+ bands from around the country will descend on Terminal West for two days of brutal mosh pits, ear-piercing screams, and guttural growls. Heavy-hitters on the bill include Incendiary, Raw Brigade, Inclination, Magnitude, and Pain Of Truth. Atlanta bands are small in number, only two by my count, but they are strong pillars of the Atlanta hardcore, Playytime and Symbiote. I do not recommend this show for those faint of heart or new to punk. House Of Disorder is like the black diamond of hardcore shows.
$85+. Sat. Apr. 29 & Sun, Apr. 30, 1:00 p.m., Terminal West, 887 West Marietta St. N.W. C, Atlanta 30318. @terminalwest

Sat., Apr. 29


529:The aftie for the the hardcore festival. Photo Credit: @cyberkrimes.

The Night Doesn’t End (House Of Disorder Aftershow), 529 Bar — So, maybe hardcore punk isn’t your thing. That’s okay. It’s totally fine to not want to have your eyebrow split open by a sweaty, flying elbow like I have twice. I, myself, am not the biggest punk — I don’t listen to punk on a daily basis or dress in the typical punk garb — I just enjoy the live experience… sometimes. But, do not fret. You, too, can participate in the House Of Disorder at the Saturday aftershow at 529 Bar. Instead get down to some techno, house, and other electronic sounds provided by extremely talented DJs. On the bill, we have to of ATL’s finest, Jaguar and Crai Bbyy. Then, from my hometown of Orlando, we have DJ Orange Julius. I support anything and anybody from Orlando, especially those who perform outside the city, so shout-out DJ Orange Julius.
$10. Sat. Apr. 29, 11:00 p.m., 529 Bar, 529 Flat Shoals Ave SE @529_eav