THE VINYL WARHOL: ATL Local Legends Upchuck return; Envilittle debut as a full band!

And local events galore!

Insert 1 Matthew Kleinman (@matt Kleinman) & Sammy Kapoor (@hello.sam)
Photo credit: From left, Matthew Kleinman (@matt_kleinman) & Sammy Kapoor
New ATL Music: Plus Upcoming Shows.

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New Music

Envilittle: Stacey (Self-Released) — One of the hardest feats for a young band to accomplish is translating their live show into a recording. Studio time is expensive and capturing instruments is much more difficult than a it is for a producer or Soundcloud rapper to make something on FL Studios. For Envilittle, a band that in only about a year have been apart of several sold-out shows at The Masquerade, the challenge and limitations have played to their strengths.

“Stacey,” Envilittle’s debut as a full band, isn’t polished, nor should it be. The rough edges heighten the turmoil in the song’s vocals. They are so pure that it is almost as if we are in the room with lead singer Heather as she first conjures the lyrics. The hook on “Stacey” is Envilittle’s best to date, which is probably why the song has become a fan favorite at shows.
Watch “Stacey” here.
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‘She’s Nothing Like Me:’ ‘Stacey’ Is Envilittle At Their Best. Photo Credit: Sammy Kapoor (@hello.sam)

Upchuck: “Freaky” (Famous Class Records) — Upchuck has been Atlanta’s underground champions since pre-COVID times. At this point, we should maybe remove “underground” from that title, as the punk fivesome have played big shows and tours with the likes of Fuzz, Amyl and the Sniffers, and Atlanta comrade Faye Webster.

It looks like they’re only going to get bigger. For their upcoming second album, Bite the Hand That Feeds, Upchuck have enlisted garage rock god Ty Segall to produce. The first taste of their collaboration is “Freaky,” and you can see the producer’s fingerprints all over the track. Upchuck is still brutal, but this is as the most catchy I’ve heard them. The unrelenting screams are toned down to rapid-fire spoke-sang verses and a sugary chorus, like a gum ball stuffed with razorblades. Instead of the hardcores punk of their debut album, “Freaky” favors the garage sounds of Segall, or one of the other bands Upchuck has opened for, Amyl and the Sniffers.
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Upcoming Events

Sat., Sept. 9 & Sun. Sept. 10


Segall X Upchuck: Fans Get The First Peak Into Upchuck/Segall Pairing. Photo Credit: Cory Jones

MTA Fest, Meehan’s Public House, Vinings —MTA Fest is the inaugural music celebration from Mocking Bird Talent, a booking agency described as “built by and for a creative for creatives.” MTA founder is Atticus Roness, a musician himself, who is set to play both nights, headlining the second. The first day is headlined by TVW favorite Caughy, who will be leaving the microphone at home in favor of DJing.
FREE, Sat., Sept. 9 & Sun. Sept. 10. Meehan’s Public House, 2810 New Paces Ferry Rd NW, Vinings, 30339. @meehanspub



Sat., Sept. 9


Caughy Ditches The Mic: For The CDJs At MTA Fest. Photo Credit: Matthew Kleinman (@matt_kleinman)

SWEET TEA! A Variety Queer Show, eyedrum —A beautiful celebration of all things expressive and queer, SWEET TEA! stands as one of Southern Fried Queer Pride’s best creations. When I attended the event, I saw a stand-up comedian, a pop performance, and a drag lip sync—and I was late. The night is a laidback affair with seating and drinks for guests to enjoy. And if you don’t know SFQP, check them out! They’re Atlanta’s best queer nonprofit, throwing multiple events every month.
$5-$20 Sat., Sept. 9, 9:00p.m., eyedrum, 515 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd, @sfqp






Keeping Things SWEET: Queer Art In Abundance Photo Credit: Southern Fried Queer Pride

Envilittle, Team Deathmatch, Buice, & Strumbrush, Dead Echo —Although they’ve only been playing shows together for a short time, Atlanta five-piece Envilittle have developed the stage presence of a far more seasoned band. From the two shows I’ve been to, I see and hear an amalgamation of the best of ‘90s women-led rock and alternative bands. From Alanis Morissette and Hole, to Bikini Kill and The Breeders, there’s quip, fun, angst, and emotion that all pop up at different points in their set. You might not get this same impression if you listen to most of Envilittle’s recorded music, as is more stripped-backed and mellow. The live dynamic may be influencing new songs however, as their latest track share the same energy as their performances.
$5-$10 Fri., Sept. 9, 8:00p.m., Dead Echo, 1126 Snyder St. NW, @dead_echo_venue



Sun., Sept. 10


A Little Envious: Envilittle Headline Their First Show at Dead Echo Photo Credit: Envilittle

SistaxSista! A New Drag Brunch, Best End Brewing Company — There’s a new drag brunch in Atlanta. Presented by the illustrious House Of Alxndr, SistaxSista! is the brainchild of Canzara SZN and Tyra Rex. Canzara SZN I am particularly familiar with, seeing her several times over the last few years. Not only is she one of the most talented drag superstars I’ve witnessed — spinning, dipping, and dancing with incredible skill — but is also one of the kindest individuals I’ve met in the drag scene. This month’s brunch also features the supremely talented Jaybella Banks, Ella Saurus Rex, and Pressure K.
$10 Sun, Sept. 9, 1:00 p.m., Best End Brewing Company, 1036 White St SW, @sistaxsistabrunch




Fri., Sep. 15


No Tia, No Tamera: ATL Drag Superstars Join Forces! Photo Credit: SistaxSista

September’s Friday Jazz Night, High Museum of Art — Hands down, jazz nights are the best way to experience the High Museum. I love museums. But, my biggest complaint about them is that visiting a museum is too similar to going to the library. On jazz night, however, The High is alive. People are drinking and laughing and clapping. Everyone gets dressed up. The main corridor is buzzing from the energy produced by world-class musicians giving their all. And you’re free to walk through the exhibits as usual, but even that feels electrified. Somehow, Atlanta’s biggest arts institution gets even more creative every third Friday evening.
$25. Fri. Aug. 18, 6:00 p.m. High Museum of Art, 1280 Peachtree St. N.E. @highmuseumofart


Sat., Sept. 16


Gothlantastan Put ATL Punk On Their Back! Photo Credit: @anj.photographs

Gothlantastan, South Bend Commons — Combining elements of post punk, drum n bass, noise pop, techno, and rage music, Gothlantastan are an electric trio whose live shows are chaotic releases of pent up aggression. I love punk music, but, admittedly, find the music gets a little tedious after repeated listens. Gothlantastan are not that. Every song hits you with something unexpected. Just when you think you have them figured out, they throw something new at you, like a spoken word segment, and your thoughts are quickly corrected.
$TBD Sat., Sept. 16, 8:00p.m., South Bend Commons, 1799 Lakewood Terrace SE, @southbendcommons





Mon., Sept. 25


‘Night At The Museum’: ATL’s best night of art/jazz. Photo Credit: Matthew Warhol

Tea Eater, Waltzer, Fun Isn’t Fair, and Ugly Joy, 529 Bar — Rock n’ Roll will survive. No matter the decade, the amount of time that has past since a rock band broke the Top 10 on the Billboard charts, or the countless genres that pop up in the musical conscious, loud guitars and pounding drums will hold a place in the world. There will always be a garage somewhere in the United States where musicians are banging it out at the dismay of the neighbors. At this moment, Fun Isn’t Fair are Atlanta’s garage rock torch bearers. They are bare bones, drum and guitar only, like ‘00s rock revivalists The Black Keys and The White Stripes before them. Their second album, Mock Surreal, is to be birthed at this show, a bastard child of the 70+ years of the garage rock before them. I mean this in the best way possible, that’s going to be one ugly baby.
$12 Mon., Sept. 25, 8:00p.m., 529 Bar, 1529 Flat Shoals Ave SE @529_eav