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In the Capitol View neighborhood, a 37-year-old woman called police about her bizarre next-door neighbor and an ongoing spat.  Upon arrival, the 37-year-old woman told police that her female neighbor “had been putting Mothballs out in the front yard, sidewalk and street,” the cop wrote. “(The 37-year-old woman) explained that this has been going on for some time and she has spoken with (the Mothball neighbor), but nothing has changed. The 37-year-old woman stated that she called the authorities because she has two small children and one of them found and picked up a Mothball a few days ago.”

So the officer walked over to the next-door neighbor’s house. The cop wrote, “I spoke to (the Mothball female neighbor) and explained that putting mothballs outside on her property and surrounding area was illegal and dangerous. (The Mothball neighbor) showed me a letter she received from the Georgia Department of Agriculture informing her that this was illegal and that they would be coming to her property to do an inspection within the next 15 days. Fulton County Animal Services also left a door hanger for (Mothball neighbor).”

Here’s the best part. Mothball neighbor told the cop “that she would not do it anymore and would follow the instructions on the package of Mothballs moving forward.”

Surrrrrrrre she will stop immediately. Seriously, does anyone believe this Mothball nut can just stop her crazy habit, after continuing to spread Mothballs even though the Georgia Department of Agriculture AND Fulton County Animal Services warned her to STOP.

Methinks not.

And yet.

The cop let Mothball neighbor off with a incident report about a “miscellaneous non-crime.”

The cop concluded, “I informed (the 37-year-old woman) about the impending inspection (by Ga. Dept. of Agriculture).” The cop told her to call the authorities if (Mothball neighbor) continues.”

That’s just plain lazy, Mr. Officer.

The Eagle has landed

In Midtown’s Ansley Square, the manager of a drag cabaret nightclub noticed a 32-year-old man behind the bar, taking liquor bottles around 9 p.m. The manager confronted the suspect, wearing gold shoes, a neon-yellow baseball cap, a blue or black hoodie that read “Mercedes Benz,” a neon backpack, and red key chain around his neck — and was able to get the liquor bottles back. The suspect allegedly told the manager that he would be back, “then threw an eagle statue to the ground before leaving,” a cop wrote in his report. “The right wing of the eagle statue was shattered.” The manager whipped out his phone, snapping a photo of the suspect fleeing out the door.

The nightclub manager said he doesn’t know the 32-year-old suspect’s name but believes the suspect “has been arrested for similar crimes from other bars in the area.”

Come on, feel the noise

In Midtown, cops responded to a call from a café (famous for coffee and desserts) about a man singing loudly and standing directly in front of the café entrance. “They received several complaints from guests seated outside on the patio, trying to enjoy their meals,” the cop wrote. Five people had called 911 about the huge disturbance the singing man was creating. Upon arrival, the cop met with the café’s manager, who stated the man was now sitting outside directly in front of the patio guests “singing loud and shouting, causing a disturbance.” The manager said he had politely asked the man to move, and the man got mad and “started to shout even louder, causing a scene.”

The cop spoke the man, age 34, who was carrying a red-and-white purse from Target and a gray book bag. “The male became irate with me and would not leave the area or tone down the singing,” the cop wrote. “The man was disgruntled and refused to listen or leave when he was asked to do so peacefully.

The 34-year-old man was arrested for disorderly conduct. The 34-year-old man has black hair and lives near Doll’s Head Trail just south of East Atlanta Village.

Now, c’mon Atlanta cops, WHAT SONG(S) WAS THE MAN SINGING?  YOU HAVE VIDEO FOOTAGE and did not write it down in the police report. *Not fair *

Panty problems

In downtown Atlanta, a cop was patrolling outside the Greyhound Bus Station on Forsyth Street. The cop saw another Atlanta cop talking to a scruffy 29-year-old woman about “her not having panties on, exposing her vagina and buttocks area.” The 29-year-old woman “retrieved her panties from the sidewalk and put them back on,” the officer reported. Then, the cop went into a nearby store — and asked security guards if they had “any clothing I can give her,” the cop wrote. “They were able to find a denim jeans and a black top,” according to the police report. Then, the same cop saw the 29-year-old woman walking into a convenience store. “I followed behind her with the clothes in my hand to give her,” the cop wrote. “As soon as I opened the door to the store, I observed (the 29-year-old) with a clear crack pipe to her mouth, while holding an orange lighter to the pipe, lighting it up.” The cop ordered the 29-year-old to put her hands behind her back. Instead, she tensed up her body, refusing to give the cop her left hand/wrist. The cop guided her to a wall to handcuff her, and the 29-year-old crouched down, attempting to toss the crack pipe behind an ATM machine. The cop arrested her for drug possession/attempt to conceal and took her to jail.

Idiot of the month

In South Buckhead, a cop was dispatched to an apartment on 26th Street. There, a man, age 27, said that he “invited a woman over to his apartment and they had two glasses of wine. He got sleepy and invited her to his bedroom. They both ended up in his bed,” the cop wrote. “She started messing with him once he was about to fall asleep. He got upset because he felt like she was being childish, so he kicked her out of his apartment. The unknown woman also became upset and went into his bathroom to freshen up.”

And that’s where she apparently had the last laugh on this “childish” situation. The 27-year-old man said he had $600 cash in his bathroom, on the counter. He saw her leave his bathroom and leave in an Uber. Once he went to see if his money was there, he noticed it was gone,” the cop wrote in his report.

The cop noted, “I asked him if there were any cameras in his bathroom to see if she had taken his money or not — and he said, ‘No.’”

The woman arrived at his apartment at 9:20 pm and left around 1:40 a.m. The 27-year-old man, clearly an idiot, never got her first or last name. Perhaps she was possibly a professional lady of the evening?…. oh, you get it. —CL—

The Blotter Diva compiles reports from the Atlanta Police Department and local news reports — and puts them into her own words.

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