Vegetable platter at Wisteria

Available at Wisteria !
No need to pick sides here. Executive Chef Jason Hill's vegetable platter at Wisteria is loaded with an array of stewed, roasted, and grilled veggies. While mainstays like buttery mashed potatoes, sweet corn pudding, and stone-ground grits tend to stick around, the selection of 10 vegetables changes with the season. A recent version included spears of grilled asparagus, sweet potato soufflé, crunchy haricot verts, a tangy green tomato and okra ragu, sautéed wild mushrooms, a tart Granny Smith apple relish, and corn succotash garnished with a fried basil chip. Always fresh, this mound of vegetables brims with variety and almost feels like a home-cooked Thanksgiving spread, minus the turkey. $16.