Pirozhki at Buford Highway Farmers Market

Available at Buford Highway Farmers Market !
Despite its central location, the Buford Highway Farmers Market’s section of Eastern European baked goods is weirdly easy to miss. But you shouldn’t. Next time you’re there, don’t rest until you find the counter peddling fresh-baked pirozhki. The turnovers look a lot like the typical dinner roll, but these golden beauties are stuffed with savory meats and vegetables. Buford Highway’s pirozhki are baked Russian-style, which means the filling is completely enclosed by the yeasty, slightly sweet pastry. The selection rotates fairly regularly, but we suggest the decadent mashed potato with onion or the pickled cabbage varieties. Pro tip: Warm these up in the oven for 5-10 minutes once you get home. If you happen to devour your little pirozhki in the car before you get there, though, we won’t judge. $1.99.