Cheese pizza pie at Verra-Zanno Pizzeria

Available at Verra Zanno Pizzeria !
Still looking for an Atlanta pizza place that holds a candle to your favorite New York City joint? Head to Johns Creek. Verra-Zanno Pizzeria has a menu full of old-school, New York Italian classics — baked pasta dishes; huge, tender meatballs like Nona used to make. The pizza, though, is most transcendent. The pies here are made with a slightly sweet dough aged just long enough to form a thin, crispy crust with all the requisite bubbles and air pockets. It’s a sturdy enough base to withstand Verra-Zanno’s balanced, herby red sauce and chewy mozzarella cheese that manages to stretch without slopping off when you take a bite. $11.72-$14.93.