Barbecue pork banh mi at We Suki Suki

Available at We Suki Suki A Global Grub Collective !
Ever since Quynh Trinh, better known as “Q,” set up shop in East Atlanta in 2012, that “Buford Hwy EAV” sign above the doorway has held true: This is the most legit banh mi one can acquire this side of Route 13, ATL’s international corridor. Q’s Vietnamese sandwiches, served on crusty, flaky baguettes, are packed to the brim with sweet-pickled daikon and carrots, a dollop of creamy aioli, and jalapenos and Sriracha should you dare to go “all the way.” The sandwich ante is upped even further when Q’s thin and tender cuts of smoky-sweet char-siu-style barbecued pork are thrown into the mix. If you’re lucky, you may even get a few crunchy charred bits in there. $6.