Falafel at Yalla

Available at Yalla !
Yalla! Let’s go! We’ve got hot falafel here! Chef Todd Ginsberg and crew work wonders with these freshly fried balls of ground chickpea, rightfully bright green thanks to strong doses of cilantro and parsley mixed in. You’ll be tempted to choose an overload of Yalla’s unsurpassed selection of middle eastern condiments to top your falafel — whether in a pita or its larger, heftier laffa cousin — but show restraint, as too many piled-on ingredients just detract from the star falafel itself. Start with the house-recommended “Layla’s Falafel” (with spicy zhug, hummus, pickled cabbage, fennel, labne, bitter greens, and tahini) then add or subtract as you see fit on later visits. $7-$12.