The cheese steak at Mad Italian

Available at The Mad Italian !
The most noteworthy cheese steak in Atlanta is located off an access road of I-285. At the Mad Italian, khaki-clad office workers, after-church crowds, and scary biker dudes all unite under one roof in pursuit of cheese steak bliss. The sandwich’s “proper roll,” as its called, has its own dedicated page on the Mad Italian’s website. It’s an airy, crusty, hefty roll that stands up to the juicy filling. The tender, thinly sliced steak is grilled until the meat forms those delightful crispy bits around the edges. Along with a smattering of translucent grilled onions, the sandwich is draped with gooey melted white American cheese. It comes in 6-, 8-, and 10-inch varieties. Get the 10. Six-inch: $6.49/8-inch: $7.99/10-inch: $10.99.