Atlanta Film Festival: World Beyond My Mind (Drau?en in meinem Kopf)

Sunday April 7, 2019 05:00 PM EDT
Cost: $13,

From the venue:

Looking to fulfill a voluntary year of social service, Christoph accepts a position as personal nurse to the terminally-ill Sven. Desperate to avoid any kind of emotional connection in the face of death, Sven initially rejects Christoph's offer of friendship and support. As Sven's health begins to worsen, he begins to let Christoph in, eventually trusting him enough to share his last wishes. Christoph must overcome his own uncertainty in order to help Sven shape his fate.
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7 Stagese Magnum
1105 Euclid Ave. N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 523-7647
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