Harry Houdini: Pulling Back the Veil in Search of Cecilia

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Courtesy of the Breman Museum
Friday June 28, 2019 02:00 PM EDT
Cost: Free-$12,

From the venue:

Harry Houdini had an obsessive love/hate relationship with magic and the supernatural. While performing inexplicable feats of magic for millions around the world, he diligently reminded his audiences that he had no occult powers.

However, when his mother, Cecelia Weisz, died; he turned to the supernatural in a desperate attempt to pull back the Veil and contact her. Houdini became a regular at seances, and psychic readings, usually finding con artists and fraud.

Rolando Santos will look at the world of spiritualism that Harry Houdini encountered as he was: Pulling Back the Veil in Search of Cecelia.

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