DIY Wearables: Sewing LEDs

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Streetcat Media
Thursday July 11, 2019 06:30 pm EDT
Cost: $75
Thus far, each time I’ve dressed in my drag lewk at Miss Conception (yes, cis women can do drag!), I’ve included some type of wearable string lighting. Another Street Cat Media workshop will be taking my drag game to the next level! At this basic electronics workshop, you’ll learn how to code a string of LEDs, some soldering, some sewing — and all in good company. In June, I attended a DIY LED Cloud class and walked out with a lot more than a psychedelic LED cloud of my very own. Now, I’m headed to the DIY Wearables to learn how to be lit on the go! Another one at The Bakery Atlanta. Have I mentioned, I’m a fan? Typically, I prefer to offer from a wide-range of venues, but The Bakery Atlanta is packed in July and I can’t resist.
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The Bakery DSC 0873
825 Warner Street S.W.
Atlanta, GA 30310