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Winter 2021 Day Retreat: Evergreen Energy Yoga, Meditation & Hike

Saturday January 23, 2021 12:00 PM EST
Cost: $125,

From the venue:

Categories: Health & Wellness
The theme of this retreat is “Evergreen Energy”. Like the evergreen trees that surround us we will focus on resilience through all seasons. Be inspired to stay functional, beautiful, hearty and fragrant through all seasons of life by nourishing yourself from within and incorporating an consistent outdoor practice into your life.

The gathering begins at 12pm where you will be greeted by a fire, warm tea and coffee and plant based snacks. After introductions have been made we will move on to breath work, a gentle vinyasa yoga flow and a guided meditation. Our group will then move to the outdoors for an easy-moderate level hike. Once we return from the hike we will have a warm together and end the day in another moving meditation, setting our intentions for the season.

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