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Making Pandemics, Film Screening and Discussion

Fabrique Des Pandemies 1
Film by Marie-Monique Robin
See the French documentary and see a Q&A with a professional
Wednesday October 19, 2022 06:30 PM EDT
Cost: Free
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From the venue:

Preserving biodiversity means protecting our health; Dengue, Chikungunya, Covid-19, AIDS, Ebola: the number of emerging diseases — previously unknown — has exploded in the last 40 years. Most of them are zoonoses, infectious diseases transmitted to humans by animals. In this documentary, actress Juliette Binoche seeks to understand the causes of this “epidemic of pandemics”. She meets with scientists from around the world to understand the links between human health and the health of ecosystems.

The 100-minute film will be screened in French with English subtitles, and followed by a discussion and Q&A with Dr. Thomas R. Gillespie (featured in the film), Professor of Environmental Sciences & Environmental Health at Emory University & Rollins School of Public Health.

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