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Baggage Claim ATL - A Women’s Empowerment Celebration!!

Saturday December 17, 2022 12:00 PM EST
Cost: $99.50

From the venue:

Categories: Women’s Empowerment, tea party, celebration, brunch
Baggage Claim ATL is a safe destination for women to claim, release and heal from the emotional baggage they carry that has prevented them from becoming their best self. Come celebrate releasing the bags you carried with poet Camille Denine, a panelist of mental health and life coach professionals (Dr. Barbara Joy, Yovanna “Rocks” Madhere, Leigh Truss Smith & Nicole Roman) and amazing performances by poet Camille Denine & award winning singer Lasha Knox! Let’s Laugh, Cry & celebrate being happy & healed!!

Each tickets purchase comes with a gift bag & a book

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