Bikini Bottom Rave

021823 Bikinibottom ForSite
PHOTO CREDIT: Courtesy of The Masquerade
CUTLINE: I’m Ready, I”m Ready: Shake your Sandy Cheeks at the Bikini Bottom Rave.
Saturday February 18, 2023 09:00 PM EST
Cost: $40 ADV
CL Critic Matthew Warhol Recommends: I love Spongebob. I’m old enough to remember the its premiere following the 1999 KidsChoice Awards. But, I have no idea what do I say about a Spongebob-themed rave. I can imagine there will be at least a handful of people dressed up as sexy Patrick The Star. I really hope they play dance remixes of songs from the show. I would love to hear “Sweet Victory” from the episode where Squidward directs the band at a football game. And dancing to “Jellyfish Jam” from the episode where Spongebob let’s the jellyfish live with him would fulfill a childhood fantasy I’ve held since 1999. — MW

From the venue:

Heaven at The Masquerade
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Wow Heaven Credit Elena De Soto 5
50 Lower Alabama Street #110
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 577-8178
neighborhood: #downtowncl