Don’t Move Your Mouth, Dummy! A Ventriloquism Workshop

Sunday February 12, 2023 01:00 PM EST
Cost: $50 - $75

From the venue:

Categories: Workshop
The ancient art of ventriloquism: revered and feared, mystical and misunderstood, fantastical and fanatical, insert another clever alliteration here.
You will learn the proper techniques from a skilled performer, up close and personal. You will get personalized feedback and instruction. You will hear funny anecdotes that may potentially endear Karl to you if he doesn’t blow it. The workshop is an overview that covers breathing, lip control, figure manipulation, the best chocolate chip cookie recipe, presentation skills and staging, and how to build an act. With this foundation, anything is possible! You will beat the “B.” You will attempt the “M.” You may even fight the “F” and win!
About Karl
Karl is a Los Angeles based ventriloquist and actor known for his irreverent and outside-of-the-box approach to ventriloquism. He has performed alongside Reggie Watts, Kristen Schaal, and Puddles Pity Party.

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