Into That Resonant Dark - MFA Thesis Exhibition Reception - Adam Gabriel Winnie

Thursday April 6, 2023 06:00 PM EDT
Cost: free
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From the venue:

My thesis work seeks to develop a greater understanding of the psyche and the depths of consciousness. The drawings originate from a desire for rigorous self-examination in the face of a growing “disquiet”, the restlessness and uncertainty everywhere present, tentative, indefinite and in transition. The works draw inspiration from descent narratives in mythology and literature while looking towards alchemy and archetypal psychology for their dialectics and symbolism that engages with the mind. Through probing the subterranean world within, Into That Resonant Dark, reinterprets the mono-myth of the hero’s journey as a personal quest of transformation. The underworld descent occurs during the phase of initiation that includes the crossing of thresholds, trials, encounters, and symbolic death. These events occur before the revelation and rebirth of the protagonist as master of two worlds. Psychologically, there is a purpose to traveling into the underworld, to initiate and integrate the polarities within us.

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