Game Changers: A Dot’s Home Discussion

Saturday September 2, 2023 02:00 PM EDT
Cost: $5 - $10

From the venue:

Categories: Gaming, Lecture
“MODA’s current exhibition, Level Up: Pixels, Play, & Progress, includes a collection of games that inspire change. Among them is Dot’s Home: a single-player game in which players assume the role of Dot Hawkins, a young Black woman, as she decides whether to buy or sell her grandmother’s beloved home.

Players’ decisions drive the game’s narrative, but their choices are limited. By forcing difficult decisions, the game illustrates the effects of redlining and other discriminatory housing practices from the last 50 years, revealing how systemic racism intentionally restricts freedom of choice.

On September 2, MODA will be joined in conversation by Dot’s Home Executive Producer, Luisa Dantas and Supervising Producer, Paige Wood, who will elaborate on the power of video games to raise awareness of important issues and inspire change while sharing advice for those hoping to get involved in game development.

Afterwards, MODA will take questions from the audience.

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