Tuesday March 26, 2024 10:00 AM EDT
Cost: $16-$21

From the venue:

Accidentally dropped by her mother, the helpless baby fruit bat, Stellaluna, falls into a nest of bird fledglings. The baby birds graciously accept her as one of the family — as long as she acts like a bird and doesn’t confuse her adoptive siblings. Stellaluna does her best, but she still likes to fly at night and sleep hanging upside. Stellaluna’s adventures continue until one day, she gets separated from her bird family and is discovered by other bats sleeping with her head up. As the bats gather to see this unusual creature, Stellaluna is joyfully reunited with her mother. It is a classic tale of differences and similarities and how with acceptance and respect “... we’re friends. And that’s a fact,” says Stellaluna.
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