Visions of Society: The Photographic Insight of Ruth-Marion Baruch

Sunday June 9, 2024 02:00 PM EDT
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From the venue:

Join us for an enlightening panel discussion on Ruth-Marion Baruch’s influential work and her role in the California School of Photography. This event, chaired by Bob Yellowlees and featuring Jennifer McFarland and Teresa Mora, will be held at The Breman. Jennifer McFarland will present a personal look into Ruth-Marion’s life and her poetic expressions, drawing from Baruch’s archived collections. Teresa Mora, from her vast experience at UC Santa Cruz, will discuss the significant bodies of work featured in the exhibition. The session will transition into a moderated discussion, emphasizing the themes presented, and conclude with an audience Q&A.

Ruth-Marion Baruch was a visionary photographer known for her poignant and deeply empathetic portrayals of various communities in San Francisco during the 1960s. Her works, currently on display at The Breman, alongside her husband Pirkle Jones, capture the essence of social movements and everyday life, making her a pivotal figure in the California School of photography.

Jennifer McFarland met Ruth-Marion and Pirkle Jones in the early ’70s, and their friendship spanned nearly four decades. Jennifer, having previously worked in heavy industrial construction, later dedicated thirteen years to archiving Jones and Baruch’s collections, contributing significantly to the preservation and understanding of their works.

Teresa Mora, Head of Special Collections & Archives at UC Santa Cruz, manages the Ruth-Marion Baruch and Pirkle Jones archive. Her commitment to making these collections accessible reflects her broader dedication to archival preservation and education.

Visit the Ruth-Marion Baruch Retrospective at The Breman before and after the panel.

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