Michelle Malone

Any number of Michelle Malone’s songs could find a home on the Sons of Anarchy soundtrack. This free spirited rocker plays with unmatched raw energy and a vibe that switches from calm to fierce as fast as a summer storm.


  • Slings & Arrows released 2018 via SBS Records
  • Stronger Than You Think released 2015 via SBS Records
  • Acoustic Winter released 2014 via SBS Records
  • Day 2 released 2012 via SBS Records
  • Debris released 2009 via SBS Records
  • Sunscream: Live released 2008 via SBS Records
  • Sugarfoot released 2006 via Valley Entertainment / CD Baby / SBS Records
  • Stompin' Ground released 2003 via Daemon Records / SBS
  • Hello Out There released 2001 via SBS Records
  • Strange Bird, Vol. 3 released 2000 via SBS Records
  • Home Grown released 1999 via SBS Records
  • Beneath the Devil Moon released 1997 via Velvel Records
  • Redemption Dream released 1994 via Daemon Records
  • A Swingin' Christmas in the Attic released 1993 via SBS Records
  • For You Not Them released 1992 via Strange Bird Songs Records
  • Relentless released 1990 via Arista
  • New Experience released 1988 via Aluminum Jane

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