Cindy Lee

Cindy Lee is a Durham North Carolina based songwriter, performer and recording artist known worldwide as one of the last great lounge singers and as a living guitar legend. A transient drag queen and dangerous drifter hellbent on corrupting the youth of America.
They have sold out of every album they’ve ever made, each record a bold landmark in the history of pop music. After 4 releases with the Superior Viaduct label (Suicide, DEVO, Alice Coltrane, Ennio Morricone) they now self release thru “Realistik Studios”.
Beautiful and compelling Pop tracks and L-I-T-E torch ballads in the great tradition of Roy Orbison, Ros Sereysothea, Gloria Ann Taylor and Patsy Cline. A blurring of fiction and reality are a theme, apparent in the contrast between grandiose pop ambitions and amateur recording techniques.

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