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Early Bird

Bartender: Bennett Johnson Restaurant: Wisteria

Recipe: 1.5oz Basil Hayden Bourbon .75oz earl grey simple .75oz lemon juice .5oz crème de cassis 3 dash earl grey bitters Lemon peel and cherry to garnish

Bennett says “Inspired by my trip to England, my drink consists of Basil Hayden W... | more...


Cóctel de Camote (Sweet Potato Cocktail)

Bartender: Rosa Thurnher Restaurant: El Ponce

Recipe: 2 oz. Knob Creek Rye Whiskey 1 oz. El Guapo Sweet Potato syrup 5 dashes El Guapo Polynesian bitters

Inspired by southern flavors and seasonal ingredients, Cóctel de Camote pairs well with El Ponce’s C... | more...


Choose one of the following two cocktail options for $10:

Into the Woods:

Torched Hop Brewing Company’s INTO THE WOODS cocktail with Knob Creek Rye, Montenegro Amaro, Dampfwerk German Herbal Liqueur and Spruce Tip Syrup.

The Buenas Nuevas:

The Buenas Nuevas cocktail is made with Tres Genera... | more...


Carribean Rum Punch:

Enjoy Emmy Squared Glenwood Park’s CARIBBEAN RUM PUNCH, made with Cruzan Rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, peach puree, blue curacao syrup and garnished with a fresh orange slice.

Pairs nicely with the BIG HAWAIIAN PIZZA,TOPPED WITH ezzo pepperoni, crispy bacon, pineapple... | more...


This Is The Way:

Come sip Hampton + Hudson’s bright herbal martini This Is The Way - with notes of basil, juniper and tart lemon. This martini pairs lovely with Fish or Hampton + Hudson’s Quinoa Bowl.

| more...


Il Weekend Lungo:

Assaporare! Savor Forza Storica’s Il Weekend Lungo cocktail, made with Maker’s Mark 46, Doladira and a twist of lemon!

| more...


Solstice Slammer:

Savor the Solstice Slammer, made with Maker’s Mark 46 bourbon, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, apple cordial syrup with fresh mint and sliced apple garnish.

Pairs well with Apple Fritters (local apples, bacon jam, powdered sugar, shaved mint) or the Marge wood fired pizza (r... | more...


Peach Black Manhattan:

With Knob Creek Rye, Peach Amaro, Angostura bitters and martini-style cherry garnish.

| more...


Classic Manhattan:

Behold the Atkins Park Atlanta’s Classic Manhattan, made with Maker’s Mark 46 bourbon, sweet vermouth, shaken and served up garnished with a cherry.

This cocktail pairs beautifully with Atkins Park’s Braised Pot Roast (braised short rib, roasted carrots, celery, cremin... | more...


Enjoy one cocktail from the list below for $10:

El Ponce’s Besos de Jamaica: Hibiscus Margarita, made with Trés Generaciones Blanco tequila and an hibiscus sugar rim. This cocktail pairs well with El Ponce’s Chile Rellenos and Carnitas!

El Ponce’s Coctél con Camote:

Made with Maker’s Mark... | more...


Choice of one $10 margarita cocktail listed below:

Jalapeno Margarita: with Tres Generaciones Tequila, fresh lime juice, jalapeño with a splash of soda and a salt rim. Pairs nicely with Tacos Jalisco.

Blueberry Margarita:

with Tres Generaciones Tequila blanco, fresh blueberries, blueberry lime... | more...

Taco Week

Mezcalitos Taco Plate:

Get any four tacos for $10, or any individual taco for $3!

Your choice of: Pork belly (panzcita), Braised pork (carnitas), Steak (asada) and/or Slow chicken roasted (Tinga).

All tacos served on white corn tortillas, topped with cilantro, onions, and a fresh spicy tomatil... | more...

Taco Week

Dakota Blue Taco Plate:

Two tacos: one Chicken BLT taco and one Habanero Pork taco, served with tortilla chips and a cup of black beans.

| more...

Taco Week

Red Pepper’s Signature Taco Plate:

Your choice of any 3 of Red Pepper Taqueria’s signature tacos for $10 with any beverage purchase.

This is normally only available Monday-Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., but will be available during all operating hours for the ATL Taco Week promotion. | more...


The Buckin’ Bull:

Bacon wrapped Patak wiener, topped with aged Gouda cheese sauce, fried onions and candied jalapeños. Savory, salty, and packs a sweet kick! Served with a beer.

Closed Monday and Tuesday. Opens at 5PM Wednesday thru Sunday.

| more...