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Hey All! During the Pandemic I needed a creative outlet. I have always loved Tie Dyes and I decided to learn how to tie, fold, and dye. Lots of reading on how dyes work and how folding/tying changes what you get. I am an avid photographer so colors came natural to me.

Everything is created and dyed by me. I am trying to make shirts and accessories that are different than what you may have already. The Dyes I am using are the best I have found. They are vibrant and handle washing well. I am donating $5 from every shirt to causes that will directly help children in need. I am currently making donations to https://horizonschildren.org/. This organization helps homeless children and over 90% of every dollar goes to direct care. As of 3/12/2021 we have now donated over $150 to this cause.

All of my packaging is Eco-friendly even the paper and labels I print on. Everything has been washed several times to make sure Dyes have processed fully. Shirts are 100% Cotton and have been hung dry before coming to you. Free Shipping every day !

Every wearable piece of art has a unique name. You are getting something that no one else in the world has :-)

I hope you like my creations. I dye every day so check back often. If you have Custom Colors or sizes you want, let me know and I will try and make something special for you.


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