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Stylish. Smart. Handmade. What more do we need to say about these leather bands for your Apple Watch? Comes in His and Hers wrist size, black or silver hardware, and three different leather colors!

This handmade apple watch band features Horween leather and a minimal stitch style. This strap is a perfect choice for men OR women and comes in two sizes to accommodate different wrists. Each leather watch strap comes attached with Apple watch adapters. The hardware also is available in Silver or Black to match the watch color. All watch bands are handmade in our North Carolina.

Buy it here: squashblossomboutique.com

Items Betweeen $50 and $300

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Welcome to Squash Blossom! I’m so excited to launch this website as an extension of our brick and mortar store experience! As the store owner and lead buyer, I spend most of my time curating a collection of unique garments from near and far. My goal is always to find unique, artistic, but wearable c... | more...
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