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Cover Story: DigiGoodTimes’ Top 5

The crew picks its favorite ATL-based tech startups and incubators among former show guests

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Who: Scott Henderson
What: An incubator for Tech Square and the surrounding Georgia Tech community
Why: “Using Tech Square as its living lab, Sandbox ATL is creating technologies that will make it easier for corporate innovation centers and startups to connect with talent.” — Small Eyez

Who: Mbye Njie
What: Mobile app automatically records and forwards police interactions and location to emergency contacts
Why: “A very necessary app during these days and times, it can be used to educate citizens on their legal rights when pulled over by police and help provide another layer of accountability for law enforcement.” — Small Eyez

Who: Jewel Burks, Jason Crain
What: A Shazam for the supply industry, PartPic uses visual recognition to simplify the identification and replacement of parts
Why: “The co-founder and CEO of PartPic, Jewel Burks, has a track record of making waves as a leader in her field, rubbing elbows with President Obama, and making Forbes’ “30 under 30” list in 2016 — all while maintaining a nearly unmatchable level of execution and grace.” — Jack Preston

Who: Barry Givens, Donald Beamer, Mario Taylor
What: Leader in automated bartending services
Why: “Founded by young black men who were met with cynicism early on, Monsieur has reimagined the cocktail experience. Monsieur currently distributes its machines to companies such as Regal Cinemas, Kentucky Derby, and Marriott Hotels. This shows the importance of tech diversity and provides role models for young black and brown tech enthusiasts in the city of Atlanta and beyond.” — Tristan Khavari

Who: Joey Womack, Justin Dawkins
What: Innovation lab and social impact consulting
Why: “One of the most forward-thinking and community development focused tech startups in Atlanta, Amplify 4 Good helps communities enhance their local organizations through innovative hackathons that teach people how to rapidly solve organizational problems.” — Small Eyez