What is your best fireworks story

Tales From the Streets.

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Photo credit: Joeff Davis
CL's Joeff Davis' Fireworks Experiment

“Lenox Mall ‘08 or ‘09... can’t remember, but fireworks went off too low and set bushes on fire on Lenox Road causing stampede. Insane”

- Deen Brown on Facebook.com/clatl

“My senior year of high school I ruptured an eardrum at a party. My friend shot a bottle rocket towards me and a guy I was trying to make out with. It exploded about a foot away from my head. We were really drunk.”

- “Kat Debevoise” on clatl.com

“Rednecks having a bottle rocket duel at three in the morning in a field in Alabama as Lynyrd Skynyrd played the headline slot at a Pop festival/Motorcross rally. They were twenty feet apart, aiming at each other and missing because of the moonshine.”

- “oydave” on clatl.com

“I was at my friend’s lake house and we were all laying on a blanket outside the lake at night. They decided to light sparklers above my face and embers fell into my eyes.

- William at Victory Sandwich Bar in Inman Park