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Atlanta according to Alex Brewer, aka, HENSE

The longtime graffiti writer-turned-fine artist on his hometown’s best view, neighborhood, architecture, and more

Photo by Steve Cole and HENSE
Photo credit: Steve Cole and HENSE
Alex Brewer aka HENSE

The first three words that come to mind when I think of Atlanta are home, family, friends.

Something I know about Atlanta that nobody else knows is what it feels like to do a roller piece with house paint at 2 a.m. on the rooftop of the old Colonial Bread building on Moreland.

The rooftop of the abandoned Atlanta Constitution building is my favorite view in Atlanta.

On vacation is my favorite place to go when it’s crazy hot.

My favorite nature spot in Atlanta is Sweetwater Creek State Park.

Tour of Modern Homes is my favorite Atlanta event.

Candler Park is my favorite neighborhood.

Fairlie-Poplar District is the city’s best-kept secret.

The High Museum is the best place to see art in Atlanta.

The Flat Iron Building Downtown or the old Stage Works building on Krog Street is my favorite building.

Dragon Con or any Con is the weirdest thing about Atlanta.

Traffic and big-box or suburban-style developments are my biggest pet peeves about Atlanta.

The Atlanta of the future includes the Beltline, population growth, stabilized Downtown, in-town living continuing to gain popularity, a thriving art scene, and the Atlanta film industry.

I decided to make Atlanta home because I wanted to be a part of making Atlanta a unique city and not move somewhere that was already established as cool and then be late to the party.

The best advice I could give an Atlanta visitor is to explore all the in-town neighborhoods.