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Atlanta according to Brian Poust, aka Agent 45

Soul music historian offers some inner city insight

Photo by Eric Cash
Photo credit: Eric Cash/CL
Brian Poust, aka Agent 45

Since 1996, Inman Park resident Brian Poust, aka Agent 45, has left a mark on the city as a DJ, writer, and Georgia soul music historian. When not researching forgotten musical history, penning liner notes for archival releases, or posting to his Georgia Soul Recordings blog, Poust spins records for his Rhythm and Booze night at El Myr on the third Saturday of each month. Poust took a few moments to talk about his favorite place to see music, the “ninja route” when it comes to escaping his neighborhood with a quickness, and the greatest album ever recorded in Atlanta.

“Undisclosed location” is my favorite place to buy records in Atlanta.

My house is my favorite place to sell records in Atlanta.

If the rumors are true, Susan Archie has the best cup of coffee in the city.

My three best friends in Atlanta are Freddie Falcon, Harry the Hawk, and Izzy.

WERD-AM is my favorite piece of Atlanta history.

White people scared of Downtown is the strangest thing about Atlanta.

Dillon “Lobsterdamus” Maurer hosts my favorite food/music-related event in the city, Plates and Crates.

The first thing that newcomers need to know is that Atlanta is run by development corporations who value profit over improving the city.

On my days off, I spend time shopping at Green’s.

Saints at Falcons in the Dome is my favorite annual Atlanta event.

The best place to go see a band play live in Atlanta is The Star Bar.

All Vinyl Everything at Noni’s Bar & Deli has the best DJs in Atlanta.

Dookie Platters is my favorite fellow Atlantan.

The ninja route away that avoids both Elizabeth St. and the Krog Street Mall is the best-kept secret about my neighborhood.

Atlanta’s greatest cultural export is the Braves to Cobb.

Magic City is my favorite place in Atlanta when I want to take in some nature.

The greatest album ever recorded in Atlanta is Truth by King Hannibal.