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Atlanta according to Allie Bashuk

The arts curator and organizer on the city’s best ambassadors and all those stray chicken wings

Photo by Eric Cash
Photo credit: Eric Cash/CL
Allie Bashuk

In her own words, Allie Bashuk is “ride or die” when it comes to Atlanta. The artist, curator, and organizer behind special projects at the Goat Farm Arts Center (yes, she’s the director of that epic Halloween party) works to spotlight the city’s cultural and creative potential. When she’s not taking meetings to shape the future of South Downtown, or working out of her Goat Farm apartment, chances are you’ll find Bashuk somewhere doing something that changes the city for the better.

The first three words that come to mind when I think of Atlanta are booming, experimental, and messy.

The Goat Farm Arts Center is where I find the greatest source of creative energy in Atlanta.

South Downtown is the most unlikely place to find creative inspiration.

My favorite place to freak? I’ve been to some real-ass dance parties at the Basement in East Atlanta. I haven’t gotten my freak on in a long time.

The Low Museum, the Contemporary, and the Beltine are the best places to see art in Atlanta.

The best advice I could give an Atlanta visitor is don’t call it “Hotlanta.”

My favorite nature spot in Atlanta is Morningside Nature Preserve.

My favorite annual Atlanta event is Flux Night.

Victory Sandwich Bar is my favorite place to go for munchies.

The Atlanta of the future will include less cars, and more being a more arts-driven city.

My favorite Atlanta ambassadors are Dashboard Co-op (Courtney Hammond and Beth Malone), Amanda Mills (of Murmur), and Neda Abghari (of the Creatives Project).

The most overrated thing about Atlanta is probably Edgewood Avenue at night.

All the chicken wings on the ground is the weirdest thing about Atlanta. It’s an epidemic.

I decided to make Atlanta home because it’s full of potential.