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3 excuses to shop local

A collection of the best stores to buy goods from your favorite natives

CityGuide Eric Cash
Photo credit: Eric Cash/CL

Yes, we know Atlanta is adding more big chains to the retail landscape, but there’s still plenty of love for the local maker. And let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like wearing accessories, fabrics, or decorating your place with products handcrafted by your fellow ATLiens. Here are a few places to throw “mom and pop” some extra dollars.

Modern jewelry, clothing, accessories, decor, and bath and body items — these are the specialities of the independent artisans from Atlanta and the surrounding region whose products are sold here, in an open and woodsy-warm former warehouse space in the Brickworks building. | more...

This boutique features an array of handmade local decor, clothes, jewelry, food, fashion accessories, and other miscellaneous crafts. Get your souvenir ATL T-shirt or necklace here. The bright shop brings some indie charm to the otherwise big-box Edgewood Shopping Center. | more...

This easy-access storefront gift shop specializes in a collection of items from independent designers, including jewelry, accessories, apothecary, and goods for your home. The space is bright and open, with the original tile flooring from the early-20th-century building, and architectural details fr... | more...

The list above first appeared in the 2015 CL Cityguide and was updated by CL Staff recently.