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Atlanta according to Chris Yonker

The musician and gallery co-owner is a big booster of South Downtown’s present and future

Chris Yonker

When not singing and playing guitar for Hello Ocho, Chris Yonker can be found overseeing and operating Mammal Gallery, the South Downtown exhibit space and performance venue he co-founded with Dan Dewberry and Brian Egan in 2014.

The bathroom at Mammal Gallery is my favorite spot in the city to think deep thoughts by myself.

The most underrated thing in Atlanta is El Progreso on Boulevard in Chosewood Park.

South Broad is the best place to see art in Atlanta.

The best advice you could give an Atlanta visitor is: Don’t eat the chicken wings you find on the sidewalk.

My favorite nature spot in Atlanta is Boat Rock.

South Broad is my favorite neighborhood.

Sublime Doughnuts is my favorite place to go for munchies.

The Cleaners in Lakewood is my favorite building.

John Robert Gregg is my favorite living Atlantan.

The weirdest thing about Atlanta is Tyler Perry.

Film crews are my biggest pet peeve about Atlanta.

My biggest hope for Atlanta is for more people to think long term when developing our city.

The Butler Street YMCA is my favorite place in Atlanta that nobody else knows about.