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3 spots to beat the post-holiday blues (and gut)

Lift your mood and drop a few pounds at the same time

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Thunderbolt Power Yoga - Now Closed

It’s not a crime to eat everything in sight during the holidays. Even Jesus and his disciples were known to eat and be merry. But what happens when the merry wears off, holiday parties are over, you’re knee-deep in leftovers, and nothing sounds more painful than returning to the regularly scheduled grind? Well, a little hot yoga or rock climbing won’t hurt. Hopefully. So get moving and get happy.

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While Rhythm Rides focus on interval training in time with particular beat, Remix Rides at this Midtown cycling studio revolve around rotating soundtracks. Cyclers can toast champagne after an all-Drake ride or throw it back to the ’90s with creative playlists that change every week. | more...

Wall Crawler Rock Club offers more than 8,800 square feet of indoor rock climbing surface to climbers in the Atlanta. Expect a laid-back atmosphere combined with fun and challenging climbing area. | more...


The list above first appeared in the 2016 CL Cityguide and was updated by CL Staff recently.