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Atlanta according to Bootymath

Zack Fox is as weird as you’d expect in this exhaustive guide

Acg Bootymath Mag
Photo credit: Joeff Davis

Atlanta illustrator Zack Fox makes art for Awful Records, among others, under the apt guise of Bootymath. Grotesque cartoons and phallic abstractions simply pour from goofball artist’s head. The man is nothing short of absurd, sure, yet he somehow seems to get it in a way most of us never will.

The Masonic Center on Peachtree is my favorite spot in the city to think deep thoughts by myself.

The old landfill on Custer Avenue is my favorite place to chill in Atlanta. There’s plenty of deer, free clothes, and the relaxing symphony of gunfire from the SWAT training facility.

Magic City is the best place to see art in Atlanta.

Estoria is the place I would advise someone to never go in Atlanta. Fuck Estoria.

Something I know about Atlanta that nobody else knows is how it rose from Hell in the 13th century.

El Progreso next to the federal penitentiary on Boulevard is the best place to take the kids. Mexican food tastes incredibly better with a reminder of the thin, slimy membrane between illusory freedom and soul-crushing captivity.

My favorite nature spot in ATL is Edgewood Avenue.

The first 3 words that come to mind when I think of Atlanta are “bruh,” “breh,” “brih.”

Cabbagetown is my favorite neighborhood. You’ll know you arrived when you hear Sean Fahie’s oppressively jolly cackle.

Any new housing construction site is the best place to freak. Fuck gentrification, literally.

The Beltline is my favorite place to drive in Atlanta.

Atlanta’s anthem should be “Vica Versa” by Pastor Troy.

The fuck to sleep is my favorite place to go when it’s crazy hot.

The Atlanta of the future includes ugly condos that transform into damn robots and tear apart poor neighborhoods.

I decided to make Atlanta home because of Salute Me Or Shoot Me by Waka Flocka Flame.