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Atlanta according to Ashley Teusink

Farmers market advocate by day, Octopus bartender by night

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Photo credit: Britt Teusink

Ashley Teusink makes our taste bud dreams come true working for the Community Farmers Market during the day and mixing drinks for Octopus Bar at night. As market ambassador for the Westside Farmers Market and Ponce City Farmers Market on the Beltline, she connects the city to the best local goods, meats, eggs, dairy, and produce from our region. As a go-to bartender at Octopus, she whips up delicious cocktails. On top of all that, she still has the energy for plenty of sunshine snuggles with her dog Gus, bike rides around town, and maintaining the boundless optimism that has defined her since moving from Kennesaw to attend college at Georgia State University.

Three of my favorite finds at the farmers market are, right now, radishes and peaches. Eggs, always.

From my neighborhood in East Lake through Oakhurst and Kirkwood toward Candler Park are my favorite bike rides in town. Kirkwood and Oakhurst are pretty scenic and there’s some nice lawn lady art to look at which I always appreciate.

Outside of eggs and veggies, locally I love to buy from Creature Comforts beer and from Ale Yeah!, ‘cause they keep all the good local beers stocked. For jewelry, Fossil and Hide and Be Good.

My pup Gus and I love to lay outside in the sun and cuddle.

A nice dinner, out on the town or at home, starts a night of romance. Followed by a nightcap, preferably a Sazerac from Kimball House.

Octane Grant Park is my favorite place to get an iced coffee. Their nitro coffee is also on point.

Kenneth Figueroa gives the best springtime haircuts at Melrose & McQueen. He’ll make you feel like the queen you really are.

Please take me to Charleston for an OTP getaway.

Hello Ocho, A. Grimes, Omni, and Red Sea are four Atlanta bands I follow.

My favorite place for an afternoon drink is a Grizz at El Myr.

The Atlanta of the future is a city with better public transportation, less traffic, more bike lanes and more green space. Atlanta will also become a city that truly supports our local farmers and the wonderful producers that are working toward creating a more sustainable food system for our city. We’ll also stop building so many live/work apartment complexes and parking decks. And maybe we’ll have flying cars or something, but that’s way in the future.

I moved here to go to college. I like it so much I’ve never left and I decided to make Atlanta my home.

The best advice I could give to someone who’s visiting Atlanta for the first time is don’t go downtown, unless you’re headed to Trader Vic’s or Broad Street. Avoid the Beltline on the weekend, it’s basically people soup and you may get run down by an overly aggressive cyclist.