Best Unique Date Nights in Atlanta

Our guide to the best unique date nights in Atlanta.

Starlight Magnum
Photo credit: Mia Yakel
Date Night at the Starlight Drive-In


Here are a few ideas for a unique date night as suggested by our past Best of Atlanta research:

Drive in at the Starlight Six

Remember the first time you went to a drive-in theater? The thrill of being up past your bedtime and crawling around the car in your pajamas may have overshadowed the movie. The STARLIGHT SIX DRIVE-IN can take you back to those youthful days - only the experience is a bit more fun with a hot guy or girl instead of your mom and dad. Chances are the movie still will take a backseat to everything else - especially if you toss a six-pack into the plan. You may even still want to crawl around the car seats at some point in time, just without the pajamas.

Open since 1949, Starlight Drive-In nearly always guarantees a joyous communal experience, no matter whom you’re with, what snacks you’re eating, or whether you’re watching X-Men or Grindhouse. The outdoor theater switched over to digital in 2013. It also plays host to swap meets on weekends, 7 a.m.... | more...

Dining at IKEA

She’s coy before the first date, as those Southern belles tend to be. “I just want to spend time with you,” she says via text message. What place can you take her where your fiduciary investment doesn’t exceed her emotional interest? Easy, take her to IKEA. At a whopping 366,000 square feet, you’re bound to spend all day together. Watch her paw through the piles of $5 throw pillows. Giggle like schoolkids in the bunk-bed aisle. Take turns playing hide-and-seek among the fashionable-yet-affordable shelving units. Consider it quantity time, and if you’re lucky, she might even ask to sample the Swedish meatballs.

Thus Swedish home-goods superstore is known for affordable furniture, Scandinavian design sensibility, and enough product variety to induce sensory overload. | more...

Go International at Dekalb Farmer’s Market

Cheap in Atlanta isn’t hard to come by, it only takes imagination. That’s why we suggest taking your significant other to the DEKALB FARMER’S MARKET for a quasi-romantic but affordable experience. Munch on the samosas and other assorted goodies-by-the-pound at the lunch bar and then wander down the numerous aisles, pointing out items with suggestive names, like kumquats, and spelling out for that potentially special someone how you plan to wine and dine them (metaphorically or no). Your gourmet repertoire will definitely impress your honey.

The 140,000-square-foot market is heaven on Earth for foodies, filled with an amazing variety of fresh produce from around the globe, a fish counter bigger than your apartment, meats and cheeses galore, a bakery and juice bar, and prepared foods that you can take home or eat in-house, all at prices ... | more...

A Night with the Dinosaurs at Fernbank

Discover a world of WOW at Atlanta’s science and nature experience. Travel around the world and back in time as you discover live animals, amazing places, ancient fossils, prehistoric cultures and new science discoveries. Throughout the year, new exhibits, movies and experiences offer more to explor... | more...

Picnic in the Park (Piedmont)

The 200-plus-acre park with tennis, walking trails, and a pond has been Atlanta’s place to go on a Sunday afternoon since it was first purchased by the city in 1904. Piedmont Park added 13 acres in 2013 and unveiled a collection of new entrances. The add-on near the intersection of Piedmont Road and... | more...