ARTS UPDATE: The Bakery’s Willow Goldstein

Fall Arts Preview Update from The Bakery’s Founder/Creative Director Willow Goldstein

Willow Goldstein
Photo credit: Courtesy Willow Goldstein
Willow Goldstein: “Our hearts are heavy for our diminished arts and culture ecosystem. COVID has decimated the DIY arts community, which barely had the resources to stay afloat prior to the pandemic. We often make ends meet with other work and day jobs and don’t have the bandwidth for or interest in developing online programming like some larger institutions. For The Bakery, COVID took the wind out of our sails. Our spring 2020 calendar was full of promising events, which would have propelled us into the next phase of relocating or programming remotely. The current development and real estate boom basically makes our 2020 plans impossible in the new economic landscape. However, with two new spaces secured as of January 2021, we are slowly rebuilding our makeshift, DIY boat and holding our breath for what the future might hold.”