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A recently engaged Roswell couple decided to spend the afternoon cleaning their house — and then step out to grab a quick bite of takeout food. The couple left their dozing dog named Georgia at home — and opened the doggie door just in case doggie Georgia needed to go outside for a restroom break while they were gone.

Just 15 minutes later, the couple returned home. The man walked in and spotted a vulture in their living room. The vulture was crashed out on their couch. Panicking, the man ran back outside to his fiancée. According to the man’s video:

MAN: “Whoa! Okay! Holy — There’s a vulture in the house!”

WOMAN: “A what?”

MAN: “A vulture.”

WOMAN: “You’re a liar.”

The woman told Fox5Atlanta: “Vultures eat dead things. So, I assumed that my dog had died and that the vulture was eating my dog.”

Quickly, the woman decided to do something bold. The woman challenged the vulture intruder  — with her umbrella. “She said she opened and closed the umbrella repeatedly to try and scare (the vulture) toward the door,” reported Fox 5. Her soon-to be-husband “filmed the bird flying away before panning back to his fiancée who was rooted in a warrior stance, still gripping the umbrella.”

And the couple’s doggie named Georgia? Still alive. The couple now says they think their dog slept through the entire vulture visit. ”The way she came trotting out, there was no way she knew that thing was in there,” the woman concluded.

Wet’ ’n’ ’wild

Nothing screams “summertime in Georgia” more than this — unauthorized swimming pool parties! Featuring Drugs! Booze! Vandalism!

And, of course, guns!

These wet’ ’n’ ’wild illegal pool parties are all the rage across the city of Macon, GA, deputies told WSB-TV.

Apparently, these swimming pool parties are getting so common, that the sheriff’s office created “Operation Safe Harbor, “ run by a special response team.

Nearly 30 people were arrested at a recent blowout around 1 a.m. at the swimming pool of the Bowman Station Apartment complex. As cops arrived, partiers tried to flee in cars. No dice. Authorities found drugs, booze and 15+ guns. (One gun came back registered as a stolen gun). “They also impounded 16 vehicles and recovered marijuana, packaging materials, and digital scales,” reported Channel 13/WMAZ. Nearly a dozen of these parties have been reported in nearby Macon neighborhoods.

Shockingly, only one of the nearly 30 people arrested was underage. That 16-year-old avoided jail — and was sent home to parents.

One small, tiny request thing. Can we change the name of “Operation Safe Harbor” to “Operation Wet’ ’N’ ’Wild”? C’mon. Pretty please.

Singin’ the ‘selfie’ blues

A Cobb County man tried to steal a meal at The Juicy Crab. And got charged with murder.

The Cobb County man and his buddies gorged on $100 worth of food and drinks — and dined and dashed. They ran, jumped into a car and sped away. A quick-thinking Juicy Grab employee snapped a photo of the Cobb County man’s license plate as he drove away.

In an epic move of stupidity, the Cobb County man forgot to grab his cell phone from the table in the restaurant booth before making a run for it!

“The officer found (his) cell phone left in one of the restaurant’s booths.” reported WSB-TV. “They didn’t need to get into the phone to figure out who it belonged to because the photo on his lock screen was a selfie.”

Investigators took over. Sooooo easy. A cop said: “They get the picture from the driver’s license, they match the picture to the guy’s phone, here’s the guy. They run that name through, and what happens? They get a GCIC hit for a murder warrant outside of DeKalb County.”

Hours later, investigators got a hit on the Cobb County man’s car in Brookhaven. Boom, he’s arrested. And charged with murder. So folks, next time you’re mulling over the possibly of killing someone, maybe rethink putting a selfie on your cell phone lock screen. Just a suggestion.

Jail smuggler now jailed

A man from Riverdale was arrested for trying to sneak in summer sausages, weed, and whiskey into a DeKalb County Jail.

Doesn’t that sound like the title of a great country song? “Summer Sausages, Weed & Whiskey.”

On June 16, cops busted a 60-year old man from Riverdale — right outside the front entrance of Dekalb County Jail. The 60-year-old had in his possession: two Bridgeport summer sausages, marijuana and rolling papers, cigarettes, lighters, and several bottles of Jack Daniels. Oh and one packet of red beans and rice. Plus items usually associated with jail smuggling incidents — like SIM card removers and security bit sets, according to Fox5Atlanta. The 60-year-old is now facing felony charges.

The Blotter Diva compiles reports from the Atlanta Police Department and local news reports — and puts them into her own words.

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