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In downtown Atlanta, a man called police about his work truck being vandalized over his official marketing ad for a new Ice Spice song on the side of his truck. The man, who works for an outdoor marketing/media company, said he parked his work truck around 4:45 p.m at the intersection of Marietta and Forsyth streets. Suddenly, another man wearing a tan hat, face covering, and puffer jacket — started spray-painting over his Ice Spice ad. The Man in Tan Hat said he did not agree with the ideology of the singer Ice Spice — and he spray-painted the words “STREAM SUNDAY SERVICE 777” in red paint all over the Ice Spice image. Then, the Man in Tan Hat took off running down Marietta Street and turned onto Walton Street. Police searched for the Man in Tan Hat but could not locate him.
So let’s get this straight. Dude doesn’t like Ice Spice, but likes Jesus, so he breaks the law and spray-paints a bright red religious message all over someone’s truck? Not very Jesus-like, sir. I could be wrong here, but don’t think you’ll find that red spray-paint vandalization move in the Bible playbook.

The first man said he needed a police report for the damage to his work truck.

Super brawl in EAV

In East Atlanta Village, a 54-year-old man called police about injuries he sustained in a bar fight on Super Bowl Sunday. The man said he was watching the Super Bowl game at an EAV sports bar — and he was sitting at the bar, talking to a woman “when an unknown male approached the woman from behind to reach over to the bar for a beverage,” an officer wrote. The 54-year-old man said when the other guy reached over, the woman became uncomfortable with how close he was to her while trying to get beverages. The 54-year-old said he asked the guy if he “could just move because he was bothering the girl and she was uncomfortable,” the cop noted. The 54-year-old said the other guy got aggressive and began to get in his face. The 54-year-old added that he himself was not being aggressive — he was just trying to de-escalate the situation. The 54-year-old doesn’t remember what happened next — but the bartenders provided him with video of the fight.

Video shows the other guy punching the 54-year-old in the face, causing him to black out and fall to the ground. The crowd separated the two men, but apparently, the other guy wanted to keep punching the 54-year-old. So a third male jumped in and “bear-hugged the suspect out of the club and told him to leave the establishment,” the reporting officer wrote. Eventually, the 54-year-old woke up from his black-out punch — and bar staffers tended to his injuries. Later, the 54-year-old was driven to Emory Hospital and treated for his visible black eye and minor head pain — pain that was still recurring days later. Cops spoke with a female bartender who witnessed the bar brawl and she corroborated the events on videotape.

The 54-year-old told police that bar staffers are familiar with the guy who punched him — and they gave him the guy’s name and Facebook page. The reporting officer took a look at the suspect’s Facebook profile photo and “noticed the distinctive shape of the suspect’s right ear.” The officer then ran a check on the man’s name and from a previous police report, he snagged the man’s driver’s license number. Pronto, he pulled up the suspect’s driver’s license photo and wrote, “I noticed on the driver’s license picture this distinctive shape of the suspect’s right ear again.”

And NO dammit, cops did not detail or further describe the suspect’s weird right ear. That’s just leaving The Blotter Diva hanging, cops! We do know the suspect is age 46 and lives in Ormewood Park.

Manners? Fuck that!

For those that think the East Atlanta Village has gentrified into a yuppie townhome nightmare — well, slow your roll. Not quite yet.Just one block from the EAV center, a concerned 35-year-old man called police about troubling habits of his next-door neighbors on Flat Shoals Road. The man said, “The woman who stays next door to me urinated in the front yard this afternoon. She has urinated/defecated in my neighbors’ yard multiple times that I’ve witnessed and countless other times. She isn’t the only person who uses the property as a public restroom. People living inside the home also urinate outside frequently. This house doesn’t have indoor plumbing and is a biohazard to the entire neighborhood,” the man concluded to police.

Well, OK. First, you can always move to Alpharetta, mister dude. Or do your due diligence before you buy/rent a home. If you don’t like it, don’t live there. And remember, at least you have indoor plumbing.

The devil inside

Also in East Atlanta Village, a male homeowner on Stokeswood Avenue noticed that his exterior electrical box was vandalized with paint markers. Again. “The graffiti tagger left behind what appeared to be a devil’s face and illegible letters,” the reporting officer wrote. The homeowner has video footage showing the male suspect and his male lookout. “The homeowner stated this was the third time” his home had been graffiti-tagged and his video footage shows the same suspects. The homeowner doesn’t actually live in the home on Stokeswood — he lives nearby on Portland Place. It’s unclear if the graffiti-tagged home is occupied or not.

The dangers of drinking alone in your car

In the Mechanicsville neighborhood a 60-year-old man called police and said, “He is a heavy drinker, and he likes to sit inside his vehicle at night and drink alcohol while listening to the radio,” a cop noted. One night, the 60-year-old was drinking in his gold-colored Dodge Caliber and listening to music outside his apartment on Doane Street. “(The man) said at some point during the night, he remembers falling down and hitting his head on the ground,” the reporting cop wrote. “(The 60-year-old man) said he remembers an unknown female helping him up and walking him to his apartment. (The man) said when he woke up today at approximately 8:30 a.m., he realized his car keys and his gold Dodge Caliber car were now gone.” The man wasn’t sure if the woman stole his car (well, likely) or if he left his keys in the ignition. Again, we repeat: These are the dangers of drinking alone in your car. Possible tip: Find a radio for inside drinking. —CL—

The Blotter Diva compiles reports from the Atlanta Police Department and local news reports — and puts them into her own words.

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