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A 32-year-old Atlanta man, who bills himself as an actor, producer and casting director, called police after a shocking photoshoot turned psycho.

The man said he and “my former model” had a photoshoot scheduled on a Friday in March. So “we both went half on an AirBnB for two days for us to have a location to shoot,” renting an AirBnB condo on Collier Road in Northwest Atlanta’s Cross Creek neighborhood.

The man’s next words: “She started doing witchcraft and rituals on me after she ate some mushrooms, to where I had no control of my body — and spirits started taking over. I began falling over as I was begging her to stop and help me. She started laughing and started to perform another ritual to bring me back. Within seconds, I came back to my senses and asked her why she was doing witchcraft on me. I told her that she almost killed me and she had to leave. She left for a few hours — and I called my mom and stayed on the phone with her the whole time, telling her what happened, and (asking) for suggestions on what to do.”

The 32-year-old man’s next move defies logic and makes us wonder if he’s ever seen any horror movie in his entire life. He stayed in the condo, chatting with his mom … until the female model who allegedly performed witchcraft returned. The female model knocked on the front door, and the 32-year-old man said “I opened the door for her to get her stuff and then I started video-recording her and she admitted to everything without knowing I was recording.

“I then told her that I would no longer be working with her and that all accounts that I created for her would be deleted and our contract would be voided. She didn’t want me to shut everything down, so when I did it, I began receiving threats from her from fake numbers, calls, and false accusations about me on social media for what she is trying to say happened,” the man continued. “But she has no idea that I have a 30-minute video of her admitting to summon spirits, almost killing me, and more.”

The 32-year-old man added, “I have never approached her in a sexual way, and everything has always been strictly professional between us. The first text demanded that I leave town and that I have until Monday and the other message reads that I will end up in a body bag. I have no issues with anyone else and I never received threats from anyone until the day of this situation. She is starting to act very psychotic, and I am in fear of my life and urgently need a restraining order on her.”

The 32-year-old man filed this information via computer with Atlanta police.

Boozing at the mall

In Buckhead, a cop was dispatched to Phipps Plaza to deal with a public indecency matter. “Mall security had detained a male sitting on a chair in the rain…. The man had brown feces on his shirt and smelled of alcohol.” Also, the man’s pants were down, and he appeared super-drunk. So the cop and mall security called Grady medics to the scene. While waiting on medics to arrive, the cop put the man in the back of his patrol car. “The male kept stating, ‘I want your dick,” and he kept asking, ‘Can I suck your dick?” When two female Grady medics arrived, the cop opened the back of his patrol car and the man had his pants down, exposing his genitals to the two female medics. The man refused to go to Grady, so the cop took him to jail.

The suspect was identified as a 38-year-old man, who named his home residence at a Buckhead hair salon on Pharr Road. The reporting officer noted, “(He) continued to speak very vulgarly while being transported. While at the jail, he exposed his butt and he tried to put it on me.” The man has been charged with public indecency and drunk and disorderly conduct.

No place like fake home

In Northwest Atlanta, cops responded to a criminal trespassing call at an apartment complex on Center Street. The caller, a 37-year-old woman, said a dude regularly shows up and trespasses and burglarizes places in her apartment complex. Today, she said, she spent three hours asking him to leave before calling police.

The reporting officer noted, “When I arrived, I immediately noticed the broken front window to apt. D420.” The suspect was next door and the door was open, but completely damaged and could not lock. The man, age 45, “was in the location, sweating profusely with a broom in his hands, sweeping an empty, carpeted apartment,” the officer noted. “I asked him to come to the front door and he responded by getting on the floor and making a heart-shaped sign with his hands, then proceeding to crawl back and forth in areas where I could not see him. I remained outside the door, giving more verbal commands to (the 45-year-old man) to crawl to the front door. (The 45-year-old man) crawled a few inches, lay flat and then rolled around on his back with his legs in the air in the cockroach position,” the cop wrote. “During this time, (the 45-year-old man) would yell and utter words saying the leasing office was lying and to close the door of his apartment.” The cop arrested the man without resistance. Turns out, this 45-year-old man has been arrested seven times previously in the same area for public indecency, trespassing, and damage to property.

Flying blind

A Georgia-based Delta Airlines pilot is serving 10 months in the slammer, for showing up to work wayyyyy drunk just before he was scheduled to pilot a flight filled with passengers across the Atlantic Ocean. The 63-year-old was preparing to pilot a flight filled with passengers from Edinburgh, Scotland, to NYC’s John F. Kennedy Airport. So how did the 63-year-old pilot get caught? The pilot was “detained when his luggage failed to clear the airport’s security screening and security personnel found two bottles of Jagermeister. One of the bottles had been opened and was described as ‘half full,’” reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. An Atlanta-based Delta representative said the 63-year-old is no longer employed by the airline. —CL—

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