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The Idyll Before the Storm: The Art of Rococo France

Friday June 17, 2022 02:00 PM EDT
Cost: Free,

From the venue:

This exhibition illustrates the fine and decorative arts of 18th century Rococo France and beyond through the examination of porcelain and works on paper. While these objects exemplify the artistic brilliance of the era, they also emphasize the lack of social morals on the part of the upper class. The aristocracy and nobility of this age preferred to indulge in visual and physical pleasures while most men, women and children were left with few if any systems of social welfare. The great divide between rich and poor laid the seeds for revolution in which the “Ancien Régime” would eventually fall at the hands of the masses.
The Rococo period is marked by a distinct reaction against the Baroque period which prized oversized rigid grandeur in a masculine style. The Rococo era emphasized works of art which were asymmetrical, atmospheric, and feminine.

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