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You don’t have to live like a refugee

11/01/2018 12:56 PM
Clarkston is ‘home’ for many who are thankful to have left home. Mayor Ted Terry discusses the resettlement city.

Opinion - Unwelcome

07/07/2016 4:00 AM
Federal officials and local law enforcement need to stop raids and deportations of undocumented immigrants

Opinion - Closed college doors for DACA students

03/12/2015 4:00 AM
Why does Georgia force young immigrants to look elsewhere when chasing the American Dream?

Opinion - Obama’s immigration overhaul didn’t help everyone

11/26/2014 4:00 AM
A metro Atlanta undocumented immigrant on living in the United States illegally and the next battle


Project South

Website: Project South was founded as the Institute to Eliminate Poverty & Genocide in 1986. Our work is rooted in the legacy of the Southern Freedom ...

South Georgia Immigrant Support Network

Facebook Page: We encourage hope and resilience through friendship with immigrants in detention and their families. Our work is focused at Irwin Count...


Helen Jin Kim

Dr. Helen Jin Kim is Assistant Professor of American Religious History at Emory University. Dr. Kim studies U.S. history and religion, with a focus on...

Pooja Vijayakumar

Pooja Vijayakumar, Ph.D. is an Atlanta-based Organizational Development Consultant who has written about Immigration issues in the US.

Linked In: Po...

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