Tiny Lou's

Tiny Lous
PHOTO CREDIT: Courtesy Tiny Lou's
Call: (470) 485-0085 or visit www.tinylous.com
<p><strong>From Tiny Lou's website:</strong> The food at Tiny Lou’s reads like a rugged love letter to French-American coziness — something like what one might cook for a lover — giddy, profoundly satisfying, conspiratorial — as delicious as the less criminal forms of sin. Cooking like this is sometimes called comfort food, but a better word might be ‘restorative’ food. They should be able to write prescriptions for this stuff — food as medicine — a meal to make you feel restored, triumphant, split wide-open, at any hour, even <br />against bad odds.</p>
The Hotel Clermont
Atlanta, GA 30306
(470) 485-0085
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