Dangerous Moves: All bad things must come to an end


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Clermont Hotel 2009
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Mayor of Ponce throws down at the Clermont Motor Hotel-

Walking down Ponce de Leon Avenue, it's 6 a.m. and all the good people are getting ready for church. Me, not so much. I'm heading back to my room at the Clermont Motor Hotel. A hotel that's as spiritual as it is profane. A place that isn't much a destination, more a punctuation. An ending. Unglamorous and real as it can be.-

The glow of the Bank of America building, the art deco neon of the Clermont, and the Sunday morning sun are all fighting for attention in the Poncey fog. And I'm walking a crooked line, cracks and all, trying to decide if the night before proved worthwhile. So what if the end is near for the Clermont Hotel? I know what they say about good things coming to an end, but what about unfortunate things?-

It seems this story comes up every few years or so. The Clermont is always rumored to either be up for sale, tittering near foreclosure, or turning into something of more worth. But now it seems its filthy days are really numbered. The bumbling and confusing ways of Inman Park Properties have finally led to a 90-day extension before the property goes up for auction on the courthouse steps. And maybe that's not as tragic as it sounds.

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